Christmas Show for Atheists

gorilla_newpic No! It’s a Spaceship! returns to Gorilla Tango this December to present FAITH OFF, a sketch show billed as a Christmas show for atheists. FAITH OFF performs Saturdays at 6pm, December 5 – 19, 2009 at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.,

Returning to heaven after a 6,000 year vacation, God discovers that the world he has been ignoring has gotten worse. From a date-raped “Virgin” Mary to a skateboarding Jesus, from sexually frustrated Islamic virgins to an equally horny fake Messiah, FAITH OFF explores the follies of faith.

No! It’s a Spaceship! is a young production company that recently branched out from online documentaries (including’s Hall of Fame doc The Faces of Anonymous) with the intent of producing sketch and improv shows featuring young talent. Faith Off is their third production, and will be followed by Immigrant Song, a foreign-centric comedy that opens in April.

atheism-motivation FAITH OFF has already received one death threat, which is good considering it is still in the rehearsal process.



Improvised “Dramedy” at Gorilla Tango

New, All-Female Improv Troupe presents an Improvised “Dramedy” Slippery Handles Opens Wednesday, Dec. 2 at Gorilla Tango Theatre and runs through December 16th.

SLIPPERY HANDLES is an improvised show about handling—and shirking—the responsibilities of womanhood. Each week, the talented, all-female cast of comic actors delivers a hilarious and at times heartbreaking series of improvised scenes, interspersed with real-life stories, journal entries, blog posts and random notes selected by the audience. Slippery Handles finds the funny in everyday struggles and promises to make you laugh, cry and maybe even exhale for a minute.

The cast features Courtney Boxwell, Jess Jones, Colleen O’Neill, Lindsey Pearlman and Heather J. Svoboda.  They have performed with various improv, sketch comedy and theatrical casts, including performances with The Second City (Chicago and Los Angeles), iO Chicago, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Northlight Theatre and The Playground Theater, among others.

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Icarus at Lookingglass Theatre

lookingglass_logo Lookingglass Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of Icarus, written and directed by Artistic Director David Catlin. The Lookingglass Original runs
December 5, 2009- January 24.

The 22nd season continues with Artistic Director David Catlin’s (Lookingglass Alice) soaring adaptation of Icarus. Commissioned by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Catlin tells this captivating story using myth, scientific theory, visual metaphor, song, and gravity-defying choreography. We all dream of flying; Lookingglass’ 52nd World Premiere explores the psychological desire to take to the air, the need of a father to have his child succeed, and the dizzying despair of falling.

Director David Catlin comments, “This Greek myth has endured throughout centuries because it connects with basic human thoughts and emotions.  Storytelling and defying gravity have been recurring themes throughout Lookingglass’ history and this is a great example of our integration of physical and literary work.”

lookingglass-building Lookingglass Theatre Company is located inside Chicago’s historic Water Tower Water Works, 821 N. Michigan Ave. at Pearson.


Love is Questioned at Gorilla Tango

gorilla_newpic Project Theatre presents the World Premiere Production of Stars In The Attic written and directed by Project Theatre Artistic Director Daniel C. Pringle. Stars In The Attic performs Tuesdays at 9:30pm, December 1 – 15, 2009 at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.

STARS IN THE ATTIC asks the essential human question "how do you love something you know you must inevitably lose?" through the lens of Danielle (“Dan”) and Gizele (“Giz”), a couple whose relationship faces an unusual difficulty: Danielle has dreams in which she can see the future. These dreams are to Gizele at first a charming eccentricity, but when Dan begins to dream of Giz’s future, can their feelings for each other survive the strain? The play, performed in a single act, takes us forward and backward through their passionate and tumultuous relationship, from its awkward beginning through its inevitable conclusion.

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500 Shows in Just 3 Years

 Gorilla Tango Theatre is celebrating its third anniversary and 500th show! Since opening in Chicago in December 2006, GTT has been host to over 1,500 individual performances – more than 40,000 audience members have walked through its doors in just three years! The Gorilla Tango for-profit business model has proven itself sustainable and effective for both GTT and the various producers who work within it.

The theatre has steadily increased revenue each year, and plans to produce even more shows in 2010 after bringing in several full-time staffers to increase its efforts to reach new producers.

While the theatre occasionally produces plays itself, GTT focuses more on providing resources to new producers and up-and-coming companies. 

gorillatango_team “The reason so many shows are successful here is because we really set up the theatre to be producer-friendly,” says new Director of Programming Bryan Cohen. “We have online ticketing, free rehearsal and audition space, and the ability to extend a run at will. As Dan (Abbate) always says, we run a real turn-key operation.”

Continually utilizing technology to increase efficiency, GTT provides producers with a Producer Login Portal, from which they can schedule their own rehearsals in the various GTT rehearsal spaces, access the marketing tools GTT provides, and check ticket sales to see how their marketing efforts are going. Owner and creator Dan Abbate reflects, “The online Producer Portal provides the producers and their team with access to real time information to simplify their production process and give the greatest potential for creating successful shows.”

GTT will soon begin a renovation of its backstage area to provide a larger space for producers during shows, and to provide access to mirrors and a changing area. In early 2010, GTT will rework its basement space to create a community ‘Green Room’ as well as a more formal rehearsal space.

Successful shows which have performed and premiered at GTT include the long-running “Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play”, Samantha Martin’s “Circus Cats of Chicago”, and the recent smash hit “Rollin’ Outta Here Naked: The Big Lebowski Burlesque.”

gorillaTango The 500th show at Gorilla Tango Theatre will be The Annual Shantz Holiday Show, “A Silent Night: Grandma Got Run Over Without Healthcare,” will which perform Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm, December 4 – 19, 2009 and Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 7pm. Producing at GTT since the very beginning, this is Shantz Theatre’s fourth annual holiday show. Past titles include: “Northern Foreclosure: All I Want for Christmas Are My Front Door Keys” (the third annual holiday show), “No-EL or how the BlagojeGrinch stole Christmas” (the second), and “Requiem for a Department Store, or, How Jesus Taught Me to Shop at Macy’s” (the first ever Shantz holiday show in December of 2006). Shantz Company Member Kenny Metroff says, "Gorilla Tango Theatre truly embodies the charm of the Chicago theater scene. Its a quaint storefront theater that provides a supportive environment for local artists to showcase their talents, hone their crafts, and take risks with their work."

Theatre owner Dan Abbate and Marketing and PR Coordinator (and within the last year, spouse) Kelly Williams have taken a vacant building and turned it into a vibrant space for local producers.

“We are glad to be able to provide this kind of freedom to producers in town and give them as much support as we can. GTT is set up so that if they do well, we do well,” said Dan Abbate.

Located at 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave (Western and Milwaukee), Gorilla Tango Theatre features local productions up to seven nights a week and exists to provide small producers with a venue to share their voice in a cost-effective and professional manner. Shows, more information and tickets can be found at

Brian Dennehy & Robert Falls Are Together Again at Goodman Theatre


Goodman Artistic Director Robert Falls, acclaimed Canadian director Jennifer Tarver and celebrated star Brian Dennehy team up again for a Broadway-bound double bill, Eugene O’neill’s Hughie & Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape; January 16 – February 21, 2010 in the Goodman’s Albert Ivar Theatre.

In Hughie, high-rolling gambler Erie (Brian Dennehy) and Hughie (Joe Grifasi), the credulous night clerk at his apartment building, were confidants. Hughie admired Erie for his bold lifestyle and Erie considered Hughie his good luck charm. When Hughie dies unexpectedly, Erie’s luck changes for the worse and he finds himself in dire straights. Then Erie meets the new night clerk, who reminds him enough of Hughie that he takes the gamble his luck is about to change.

Krapp’s Last Tape is Samuel Beckett’s classic one-act, one-man show. Every year on his birthday, self-absorbed Krapp records the important&#8211and the banal&#8211moments of the last year. As he prepares to record a new tape on his 69th birthday, he begins to listen to his archives. This immersion in his own history leads Krapp to question with growing regret whether his present lives up to his past. These conjoined productions were first performed to universal acclaim at Canada’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Summer 2008.

 dennehy and falls