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(Chicago-2009) Timothy McGuire has engulfed himself in Theatre as a theatre critic, writer and actor.  Tim grew up in the Chicagoland area with his supportive family in Glen Ellyn.  Being a multi-sport athlete in high school and then continuing to wrestle in college at Marquette University, he never had the opportunity to get involved in the theatre at a younger age.

After studying political science and English at Marquette he founded an inner-city wrestling program in Milwaukee, WI that grew to have tremendous success in wrestling and graduating college bound students through the creation of study classes, job placement programs and excursions to broaden the kids’ horizons.

After moving back to Chicago and working in advertising sales at Chicago Life Magazine, Tim discovered the natural high that comes from experiencing theatre.  Since his first show, he has been hooked and attending multiple productions every week.  He has been covering Chicago theatre for local magazines, newspapers, and websites.  Tim has also acted professionally and works within many of the best theatres in Chicago.

Most of his free time he will admit to being lost in scripts and books, but you can often finding him catching a show at one of the local music venues or cheering on his Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears or especially rooting on Notre Dame football.  When it comes to theatre Tim enjoys productions of all sizes and describes going to the theatre as his personal safe place.

“Personal issues disappear from your mind as you get involved in stories and ideas bigger than yourself.  It is a comforting feeling and somewhat of an escape, yet every show also has something that challenges me in a new way and that can also be exciting.”

At 29 years old Tim looks forward to a long life in theatre and cherishes the opportunity to share his opinions and recommend shows to the public.

(Chicago Critic, 2009)


I would like to thank my family; Mike, Jo Ann, Maggie, Greg and Katie

as well as Jen Jenkins, Pam Burns, Ron Roenigk, Scotty Zacher, Tom Williams and all my friends (especially those that help me edit.)




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